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Love is a trip,
But fucking is a sport.

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Ugh I’m so bored.

Imma just sit here and listen to my music and pretend I’m not at work for half an hour.

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I’m so glad to be home.

Work was taxing.

I need a back rub and a cuddle.

The guy who cut my hair today looked like he was gonna shit himself when he saw how long my hair was.

He did a really fucking good job though.

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Getting Chinese food on the way home. I cannot wait to be at home, in bed, with food. Lots of food.

talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me

I might have gone a little over the top but I love every single thing I bought! ☺️🍭🍬💕

I got one less problem without you.

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Killin’ it

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Killin’ it

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wiggle wiggle wiggle 🍭🍬

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I just wanna get wasted and fuck while listening to AM.

I got the feeling that I’m gonna keep you up all night.

I literally just sat in the bathroom with a towel over my head cowering from a moth the size of my fist. I am not exaggerating.

I keep going to the river to pray ‘cause I need something that can wash off this pain.

&At most, I’m sleeping all these demons away but your ghost, the ghost of you it keeps me awake.

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come on and take it back, love. ❤️