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Love is a trip,
But fucking is a sport.

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First things first I’m the realist.

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I am covered in paint chips and poly filler but I am so damn proud of myself.

Time to eat and chill out.

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I’ve been touch with a friend of a friend who’s offered to help me paint my house for free. Last time he came over he was rude as hell. Insulted the house. Told me I should get rid of my cats. He really pissed me off.

After getting the, “he’s just joking” speech and the “that’s just the way he is” speech, shortly followed by the “he was having a bad day” speech and I was stupidly fooled into giving him a second chance. I was getting something for nothing right?

This morning he rings me at 8am. I’m not up yet because it’s my day off and I don’t have a driving lesson until 10. He scoffs at me for not being up at 8am and then TELLS me he’s turning up in half an hour. Having only been told he was ringing me today, nothing’s ready to go. So I ran around the house starting to get things sorted and realise it’s not gonna happen, too much to move and clean by myself with my arms this bad, is just not happening. Then I think about my driving lesson and decide I’m not happy leaving him in my house alone while I go out.

So, I call him and explain this and ask if he wouldn’t mind starting a bit later and he basically had a go at me for messing him around and TOLD me he’d be over at the same time tomorrow.

Now, am I within my rights to tell this cunt to go fuck himself?

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This noise makes up about 30% of real life conversation for me.

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This noise makes up about 30% of real life conversation for me.

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Talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me

Tonight I’m just curling up in bed with dinner, watching awful TV and playing with myself until I pass out.

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Seriously the side boob I’m rocking in this shirt is unreal.

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Never trust anyone that says they don’t like cocopops.

So the black bins not been collected again so now I get to be the biggest wanker in the world and make a massive complaint.

I fucking love a good complaint!

Rocking some serious sideboob tonight.

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Rocking some serious sideboob tonight.

It’s finally back to a normal temperature and I can fucking breathe again.

I get another 2 days off after today, which is awesome because I need to sleeeeeep. This bloody heat is getting ridiculous and 2 0730 starts after being off for a week nearly killed me.

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I have spent all morning on hold. It is driving me slowly insane.

I am about to have the biggest tantrum because I don’t want to go back to work today.

We had to check out of the hotel at midday yesterday and then had to sit in the sun for 4hours before anyone could safely drive home. I still feel hungover and I am so sunburnt but that was definitely the best birthday night out ever.