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E n g l a n d

Love is a trip,
But fucking is a sport.

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Misheard the guy in the chip shop and he took the piss out of me. :(

Late night cigs and chip shop run. Yaaaay.

I love my new lipstick.

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Someone talk to me, I’ve already slept for 15hours today I don’t want to sleep any more yet.

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Also, my blood tests came back. I’m not diabetic but I am anaemic. &still no answer as to why I get such bad pains in my arms and legs.

Im so excited about having a reason to put make up on tomorrow.

I felt so fucking hot that night. ❤️

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I felt so fucking hot that night. ❤️

So fucking 90s.

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So fucking 90s.

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I’m supposed to be going out drinking with the work lot tonight and I’m very dubious about it. I know I’m gonna end up too drunk and say something I didn’t want to. I’m not particularly excited about the situation.

aaaaaaand now I’m all kinds of horny


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I am finally home and I can be naked in an empty bed. No one is as happy as me rn.

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I am already breaking my new rule and smoking in bed tonight because is cold and is grumpy.

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I love my new shirt.