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E n g l a n d

Love is a trip,
But fucking is a sport.

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How I can I still ADORE someone I saw pee literally over every inch of my bathroom cause he was too drunk to stand still and hold his own penis, and still want to rip his fucking pants off.

I accidentally had a 4 hour nap and now it’s nearly 2am and I am wide awake.

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EE have put a content lock on my phone so I can’t view my own tumblr.

I genuinely feel like I am 13 again and cannot find a way to cope with this ridiculous sinking feeling. I feel like the most irritating person in the world. Like everyone just kinda pity’s me for trying to be so nice even though in reality I’m just really annoying and in everyone’s way.

Most days I can ignore that thought but some days I can see peoples eyes glazing over when I talk and people pulling their phones out and eventually getting so wrapped up doing something else, they forget I’m there, sat in front of them and the words have stopped coming out because i just don’t see the point.

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aaaaaah, worked it out. i’ve had too much caffeine. buggerbuggerbuggerbuggerbugger.

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